The CelluXtreme fiber is the strongest biobased CONTINUOUS fibrE ever made
CelluXtreme has a unique technology for spinning strong continuous fibres from 100% cellulose. The fibres can be used as a single component or combined with a polymer matrix to form a composite.
100% renewable
The CelluXtreme fibre represents a unique and new material concept that is bio-based/renewable and can be produced in a water-based process using green chemistry principles.

Opens up the property space

- Stiff, strong and tough

- Allows shaping into complex structures

- Modifications for additional functionality

- 100% natural cellulose fibre

- Water-based process

- Green chemistry

- Material circularity

Our Mission

We believe that new materials are essential for a future sustainable society, where the use of renewable resources and recyclability are the key factors. We strive to provide the market with high-performance materials with minimal impact on the environment. 
By pioneering a new technology for fibre spinning, we want to enable fossil-free and recyclable high performing lightweight materials and products.
Our goal is to develop a technology platform that can provide our customers with new sustainable material concepts.
We are convinced that the future is where material performance and efficiency walk hand in hand with sustainability and the environment.

Sustainability - Targets

100% green chemistry
The manufacturing of fibres and material concepts should be done following the principles of green chemistry.

100% biodegradable fiber
CelluXtremes fibers can biodegrade in natural and marine environments, leaving nothing harmful behind.

100% recyclable fiber
CelluXtremes fiber can be recycled in our process without losing quality or using harmful chemicals.

Minimal CO2 emissions.
Starting with our raw material, responsibly farmed wood or other plants that absorbs carbon dioxide while growing, combined with our low-emission technology, we strive to minimize the impact on carbon dioxide emissions.

potential of the celluxtreme fibre

functionality for medtech applications
advanced structure capabilities
light, Stiff
and tough
bio-based and

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