we want to enable our customers to produce Fossil  free and circular products

Excellent properties and quality
Our goal is to contribute to the market with a material that can be produced in large volumes to a reasonable cost, but with such excellent properties and quality that more solutions can find their way to desired applications
Green Leap composites
CelluXtreme fibre has stiffness and strength on carbon and glass fibres levels but is less brittle due to higher toughness. Our fibre shows good adhesion to polymer matrix without additional surface treatment. This characteristic is what makes the fibre so interesting for composite applications


Our fibres can be functionalized to support cell growth and then formed to threads and weaves, which have the potential to be used in various medtech applications, such as artificial tendons, ligaments, tissues etc.
construction material
Our fibres are stiff and tough and provides an excellent reinforcement in composite applications. The fibre also show good adhesion to polymer matrices without additional surface treatment.
Apparel, high-end accessories and art 
Our fibres can be combined with other biobased material concepts to provide uniqueness and innovativeness.
Our fibres to be used in high performance composites for sport where the combination of stiffness and toughness are beneficial.

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